From the organizers of Southerners on New Ground (SONG):

This year, the week before Mother’s Day, SONG, in concert with a coalition of local and national organizations will join public defenders, impacted communities, and faith and spiritual institutions, to bail out as many Black mamas as we can from jail.

The National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day Action is part of the growing movement to end mass criminalization and modern bondage. It is rooted in the history of Black liberation, inspired by the enslaved Africans and Black people who used their collective resources to purchase each other’s freedom. Through this action, we will support birth mothers, trans mothers, and other women who mother and are entangled in the criminal legal system. We’re fundraising in our local communities and across the South to help bring as many Black mamas and caregivers as we can for Mother’s Day to give them an opportunity to spend Mother’s day with their famillies, highlight the human costs of inhumane and destructive bail practices, and support local base-building on the frontlines of mass incarceration.
Give to SONG’s Mama’s Day Bail Out fund, which will benefit the effort across the south, including here in Virginia in Richmond and Charlottesville.

Give to the DMV Mama Bailout to support mothers in the DC Metro area.

Read and share this piece by Mariame Kaba on why this work is important and how it fits within a racial justice framework of black liberation and prison abolition. Or listen to this interview with SONG & BYP100 organizers of the bailout in Durham, NC.