Our Partners

Most of our shared values call us into accountability relationships with organizers and organizations of color. Like many other SURJ groups, we are steadily building relationships with local orgs of color in our shared work for collective liberation. Part of that building is making sure that we, as a collective calling white people into anti-racism, are not profiting from the oppression of people of color; instead we’re actively moving resources into communities of color.

Below is a list of organizations we have worked with during the course of their campaigns as well as our own. Listing these organizations as “partners” does not mean these orgs endorse our work. It means we are seeking ways to show up and conspire with them as often and as honestly as possible. We have shifted resources to these organizations in a number of ways: splitting our meeting donations with them, always paying speakers of color who come and educate our folks, soliciting our folks for financial support for both organizations and individual organizers of color, and taking on projects/financial/resource support work when asked by these orgs. We encourage you to support these organizations and follow their work online!

Black Youth Project 100

Black Lives Matter DCBlack Lives Matter DMV

Protesting with DREAMers at a Trump Rally in 2015
United We Dream

Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum

DC Justice for Muslims

La Colecti-VA
(Venmo handle is @LaColectiVA)